1. What is the range?

There is no limit to the range for GPS. There may be internet black spots depending upon location and conditions.

2. What signal is required?

Minimum of 2G.

3. I don’t have a phone is there an alternative?

We are currently developing some wearable solutions. Watch the website for further news and developments.

4. How do I pay?

Online via PayPal for parents or if a student, at the school or venue.

5. Am I stuck in a contract?

No contracts. Simply pay for the time required.

6. What is the maximum group it can take?

There is no limitation on group sizes.

7. What is the minimum number required?

One person.

8. Does the organizer have to enter all the group’s details?

No. The students can register themselves online. Organisers simply add the details they require.

9. Can we use CSV files if we have to upload our client files?

Yes, uploads from CSV files are fine.

10. Does the data stay on the system at the end of the excursion?

It remains on the general database for future reference but is not accessible by the organisation.

11. How safe are the details on the system?

The security is very robust. The data is fully secure. 256k bit encryption.

12. How much data charges will I get in a week?

This depends upon location and charges for international roaming etc. This is controlled by your mobile carrier.